Epoxy Floors, Urethane Floors and Floor Coating Systems

Epoxy Floors, Urethane Floors and Floor Coating Systems

Heavy Duty Concrete Resurfacer Systems

Generally, epoxy and urethane coatings are for light to medium service and are not to be used for applications involving thermal cycling. We offer other flooring systems to handle special use applications.

There are many different types of epoxy floors and urethane flooring systems and therefore an application analysis should be conducted prior to specifying any particular chemistry or type of system. Floor systems range in thickness from .010" to 0.375", and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

For high traffic applications we offer metal-aggregate flooring systems designed for severe wear situations.

Application considerations:

  • Traffic severity
  • Chemical exposure
  • Cleaning methods
  • UV exposure
  • Thermal exposure
  • Life expectancy

Commercial & Institutional Uses:

  • cafeterias/restaurants
  • correctional institutions
  • schools/education facilities
Health Care
  • animal holding facilities
  • health care facilities
  • veterinary clinics
Common Areas
  • aisleways/corridors
  • chemical areas
  • clean rooms
  • laboratories
  • warehouse/distribution
Industrial & Manufacturing
  • beverage processing
  • chemical processing
  • food processing
  • manufacturing, heavy
  • manufacturing, light
  • pharmaceutical production
  • water treatment
  • automotive dealerships
  • transportation terminals
  • vehicle maintenance areas




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